What is OWLS™ insurance software?

OWLS™ Insurance Software is used by insurance companies, underwriters, UMA’s and large brokers. It is the brains that administers a policy from inception to termination that calculates, validates and posts everything, so that you do not need to. This is achieved with a clever and simple to use, thin client (browser), front end and a sophisticated back end. It is currently used to administer hundreds of thousands of policies in over 100 different product lines and benefits.

Technologically advanced

OWLS™ uses the latest technology platforms and services to provide a technologically advanced a future-proofed insurance software system. These are constantly upgraded and enhanced as part of the OWLS offering to ensure your business is on the forefront of what you need to do to keep growing your business.

Cloud based

The system is provided as a cloud based service. We are pedantic, so the hosted environment is enterprise level up-time and connectivity, secure and uses state-of-the-art hardware. This is coupled with real-time fail-over and backups to a third party location ensures 99,9 up-time. OWLS performs penetration testing with the likes of EOH and Senspost.

Designed with Actuarial principles in mind

The chief software architect is an Actuary,who together with his team of engineers managed to translate sometimes difficult concepts into simple system configurations for the user. This means you will enjoy the benefits of their years of late nights.