Automated Bank Recons

  • All premium received is accounted for correctly and so the broker is paid the correct commission timesouly
  • Claim payments are automatically followed up on ensuring the policy holder is paid his claim timeously
  • Failed debit order collections are also automatically communicated with the policy holder, greatly assisting in reducing debtors and free cover

The dangers of not doing bank reconciliations are far too real:

    • Errors go undetected
    • Fraud goes undetected
    • Payments are made without the necessary approvals / checks and balances.
    • Identify Unauthorised payments or withdrawals

ROI for your business

  • Less time and resources need to be used for bank reconcilliation
  • Manual debit files and payment files processing is eliminated

You can do what is more important for your business, keeping brokers and policy holders happy 🙂

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