Fully Functional

OWLS™ insurance will administer a policy from inception to claims payout and/or policy termination. This includes all ancilliary features such as: reporting, payments, debits, bank recons, uploading of documents, the sending of claims pre-completed forms, the calculation of reserves etc.

Simple and intuitive web-based interface

OWLS™’s simple and intuitive  web-based interface is designed to help the user. A user will only be efficient at what they do if the understand what they are doing, how they are doing it and what they are trying to achieve. Understanding the interface with which they work goes a long way to achieving this. Therefore, every task can be completed on a single page and with the use of 2 buttons.

All aspects of a policy are accessible and can be changed on one screen, including claims history, premium collection (GL) history, insured asset etc. This makes it ideal for the call centre environment and very easy to use.

All aspects of a claim are also accessible on one screen, and OWLS ™ assists with calculating a claim payout and even can be configured to recommend payment of the claim or not.

Fully Customisable

Because OWLS™ was designed to be changed, OWLS™ can be configured to your business’s exacting requirements and implemented into a live environment in a significantly reduced time frame from what is expected. This includes (but is not limited to): completely custom policy schedules/wordings/remittances/invoices and all other communications out of the system.

Integration with other systems

OWLS™ talks to other systems nicely. This gives OWLS™ the ability to extract data, verify it and migrate it onto OWLS™ in a shorter period of time. Getting data on to an insurance system has never been easier. Integrating with 3rd parties is also a snap. We have successfully integrated with the major banks, Seriti, Signio, Dealernet to name a few.

Tried and tested

OWLS™ currently administers many hundreds of thousands of policies, with 200 million in annual premium.


With multiple layers of security protocols – users are only able to perform the actions they require. Security can be configured to any degree. For example, a broker’s employee can only see that broker’s policies and capture liability policies up to 100 000 sum insured.

By having “Anti-Purge”, “Full System Roll Back” and “Full System Restore” technology and is virtually impossible for the system to be compromised. All changes are tracked and the user and date of change can be viewed. This is both for policy/claim changes and for development and rule changes.


With a built in communications interface, OWLS ™ keeps all their clients informed via SMS, email and post without the need to initiate these communications. These communications can be configured to fire off when a policy is captured or a claim is lodged. One can also send batch communications to a specific group of policy holders via a few clicks. This is particularly useful at renewal time or when benefits need to be updated.