OWLS™ can generate 2 broad types of reports. A standard report (already preconfigured) and a custom report. All reports can be set to automatically be emailed to any person at a predetermined time and schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual). The report can be in Excel, csv, pivot tables or pdf formats.

Data is stored at the lowest level in OWLS. This means all financial transactions are stored by insured item and by benefit. Reports can then group across any dimension.

Standard Reporting

The current standard reports in OWLS include:

  • Operational:
    • Policies quoted
    • Policies written
    • Policies cancelled
    • In force listing
    • Policy GL
  • Financial:
    • Premium Written
    • New business
    • Endorsements
    • Cancellations
    • Ageing analysis
    • Commission breakdown
    • Remittances (sent directly to broker on automated commission run day)
  • Claims:
    • Loss Ratio by client, intermediary
    • Claims incurred
    • Claims paid
    • Claims profile
    • Claims reserve
    • Claim recoveries / salvages
    • Large losses
  • Management:
    • Premium Received vs Claims Paid by product, intermediary
  • SAM / FSB Reports, including:
    • Premium by FSB class of business
    • Claims by FSB class of business
    • etc
  • etc
sample loss ratio data

Custom reporting

Custom reports can be built on the fly by any user with sufficient rights. One simply enables reporting mode. One can then select through a drag and drop interface any field required on any screen and the system builds in the links between data and outputs the desired data.

For example the custom report below can be made on this system in 15 seconds and it outputs as below:

average premium by product

average premium by product