The sophisticated brain of OWLS™ performs the menial administrative tasks that can be automated within an insurance business.

These include:

  • Posting of premium raise journals on endorsements along with date range applicable;
  • Commissions and fees posted by insured item by benefit;
  • Data is validated as it is inputted (on the fly);
  • Custom business rules can be enforced or alert to users can be displayed;
  • Validations can be overridden by managers, if required;
  • Rules are calculated in real-time, like Excel;
  • Completely integrated Communications Module (user-initiated requests or background triggers set-off various communications, be it: SMS, Fax, Automated Call, Email);
  • Document Management and Repository – Uploading of any type of electronic document (word, excel, pdf, jpeg etc.);
  • Secure – SensePost and EOH Audited (as secure as Banking Portals);
  • Integrates with other IT systems via XML, SQL, WebServices, JSON;

And all of the above leads to the ability of ultimately a very sophisticated real time reporting engine that can group across any dimension and takes care of your monthly, quarterly and annual reporting headaches.



We quite like that any system generated report can be outputted into pdf, excel, excel pivots, etc; and emailed off to the policy holder, business owner, insurer or reinsurer. This provides real time information on the performance of the business. This is particularly cool.