In development for many years prior to going live, OWLS™ is a solid platform that is the backbone of many insurance companies, UMA’s and brokers. Although new features are constantly added to the OWLS™ live environment, it is in its current iteration fully developed and in all likelihood can be deployed on your business without much fuss (data dependent), and is fully scalable.

OWLS™ can be customised if required, and new features can be added should they be required. A rigorous development and testing cycle is the pre cursor to any release into production. This ensures OWLS™ is rock solid and behaves as expected.

  • Some safeguards have been inserted to ensure stability:
  • Changes auto-rollback on error;
  • Changes on any screen on any field (including development or coding changes) are recorded automatically;
  • Development changes can be manually rolled back in seconds;
  • Daily automated checks run to ensure data consistency;
  • Automated testing of certain functionality;
  • External companies are employed to perform testing, such as SolveCo Actuarial Consultants;